I haven’t drawn exe in so long because I’ve been busy this is a problem and needs to be stopped


Trust him guys, he’s a specialist.

(Based off of this post)



I found Kageyama in this children’s book





What are you paying for? If it’s for an item that is physically being shipped to you, then by all means continue!
But if it is for digital art, please reconsider!


This means that paypal is expecting me to ship a physical item to you!
And the more times that I receive money for goods, and do not ship through them, the more it counts against me.
Too many and paypal can elect to hold my funds for thirty days every time I receive them, until it reevaluates my account.
Which means while the customer has their deserved art, I do not technically have money yet.

So PLEASE always send payment for digital art via SERVICES and not GOODS!


(you can get a refund if need be just as easily by selecting services as you can goods!)

Please read this!


Got captainbiscuitt's oc and my oc all inked up. Using a dip pen is the like the hardest thing ever.

People who talk right after they put a breath strip in their mouth intimidate me and should be stopped immediately

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Ta dahhh I made prints yesterday at staples!! Going to send these out soon B)

Also @rarefiedcoyote8 is coming over today to work on things and I looked at my room and I was all like wow I should probably clean this

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Art trade with hit0ka !!! She asked for Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu!! drinking milk dramatically ahaha

The left hand/arm turned out really crappy, I should have used a reference for that ahahaha

But regardless, I hope you like it!! I’m so happy I finally finished phew

I was tagged by richiesonasaurus and was promptly reminded that wow i have friends outside of the internet

so i’m going to try and normalize my answers somewhat but idk

1. What’s your favorite hobby?

Drawing is pretty obvious so I’ll say something else: I really like listening to the sound of underwater!!!! Like mAN YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND underwater and the sound of your hand cutting through the water soUNDS SO GREAT I’M


anD THIS IS WHY I CAN NEVER JOIN A SWIM TEAM; I WOULD BE WAY TOO DISTRACTED BY THE suPER COol sound of water!! But I made sure when I was little that my best stroke would be backstroke so i could listen to the water while i swim B)

2. Favorite thing to do when you’re alone?

Ummm I already said pretty much all of my hobbies already but when i’m home alone I do voice training sometimes!! Like I practice shouting, voice acting my favorite characters, singing (a little) and what not

I also eat all of the ice cream when I’m home alone…

3. Favorite things about yourself?

Hmmm I don’t have a lot of favorite things because I always manage to screw everything up and make everyone hate me but

I’m quite interested in my uncanny ability to get on the good side of adults like

I’m a goody two shoes and a rule follower so I’m automatically deemed as “the one to be trusted” or something in classrooms. Also when my friends want something from a teacher, they usually send me in because there’s a higher chance of the teacher trusting me and letting us do whatever.

It’s funny because I am actually a government agent and cannot be trusted

4. Best movie you’ve seen?

Hmmmmm I dunno….

Oh!! I watched the DCI Finals in the movie theater it was sO GREAT i started crying

5. Biggest OTP/Ship?

…….kagesuga from haikyuu!!

I dunno when I started shipping it but it’s so great and it gives me life

and all of my favorite artists ship it, and this person i have the hugEST girl crush on does too so I was probably influenced

6. Favorite TV show character?

Sugawara KoushiAhhh most likely Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds.  They’re pretty similar lol

7. Favorite Tumblr post?

mmmm either this one or this one

8. What’s one place you really want to go to?

Australia!!! I really want to go there because for some reason I really like the country?? Also my dad went to high school here and he told me it’s really nice at most

also all of my favorite artists (including that one person i said i have the hugest girl crush on) lives there and if i could meet them i would swoon and die

also i want to scuba dive there because i want to listen to the underwater sounds!! like i’ll probably just dive in and never come back up and everyone would think i was dead

9. Why’d you join Tumblr?


I don’t really want to answer this question because it has lots of bad memories for me because I hurt someone and I never want to go back to that again.

10. One of your strongest beliefs?

It’s a bad belief, but it’s one of my strongest: everything that goes wrong is my fault.

I dunno when I developed it, but it somehow became an instinct to take responsibility for everyone else’s actions as well as mine?? idk

I’m uncomfortable with tagging people because I’m pretty sure everyone hates me but if you do it, tell me and I’ll drop a terrible pick up line in your ask box.

My Questions:

1. What’s the last dream you’ve had?

2. Are you pumped for Marching Band season?? And if you’re not interested in marching band, are you pumped for the marchingband football season??

3. Favorite foods?

4. Name 5 songs that are on your mp3 player/iphone/ipod or whatever shuffled at random B)

5. What’s your icon right now?

6. Five years from now, who do you picture yourself as?

7. What’s one place you’d like to visit?

8. Is there anything you wish you had the ability to do?

9. Favorite sound? Smell?

10. Is there something you’re supposed to be doing right now instead of answering these questions?